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5 ways to care for your skin in the fall


The leaves change color, and the temperature drops. The fall season is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. But it's also important to take care of your skin! In this post, we'll share 5 skincare tips for taking care of your skin in the fall. So curl up with some hot apple cider by a cozy fireplace and start reading these skincare tips for fall!

1. Use a richer moisturizer

woman applying moisturizer to face

Fall weather is colder than summer and harder on skin, which can lead to dryness and a dull complexion. Fall skincare should focus on hydration and protection to maintain a healthy glow! One of the best skincare tips for fall is to switch to a richer moisturizer. This  protects against environmental aggressors like wind and cold weather, while also keeping your skin well-hydrated.

If your skin is naturally oily and you don't want to give up a water-based moisturizer during the day, consider using a richer cream at night for intensive hydration. It's the best way to handle the lower temperatures and reduced humidity that fall brings!

2. Ditch soap in favor of hydrating cleansers

woman washing with soap

Your skin is acidic, but soaps are alkaline. The chemical reaction between them can aggravate dry skin, making it worse. That's extra bad news in fall, when your skin is already trying to adjust to changes in temperature and humidity. Support it by using gentle, water-based cleansers. Look for hyaluronic acid on the ingredients list for even more help hydrating.

Pay attention to how your skin feels after cleansing. If it feels tight or tender, that means your products aren't providing enough hydration. Micellar water with hyaluronic acid is a great option for a truly hydrating cleanser.

3. Pay extra attention to lips, eyes, hands, feet, and elbows

woman applying moisturizer cream to hands

Some areas are more sensitive than others, and need a little extra TLC as the seasons change.

The skin under your eyes is thinner than most other areas, and is quick to show signs of dehydration. Use a nourishing under-eye cream to help prevent dryness and dark circles. Eye cream will also preserve the natural elasticity of your skin and help it stay supple.

Your lips also suffer during seasonal changes. Use a lip balm with beeswax, and don't be afraid to include your lips in your exfoliation routine. Rinse off any product after 2-3 minutes, and moisturize well for lips that feel full and firm all fall.

Hands also get overlooked during the fall months. It might not be cold enough for gloves yet, but that means the skin on your hands is constantly exposed to the changing elements. Use a rich nighttime moisturizer on your hands to repair the damage while you sleep.

Finally, your feet and elbows will also thank you for some extra hydration. The skin in these areas is tough, but is prone to callouses and flaking. Slather on a rich, nourishing cream to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

4. Increase your Vitamin C intake

woman peeling eating orange vitamin c

Vitamin C is super beneficial for your skin. It can help increase the production of elastin and collagen, boosts hydration, and also fights oxidative stress. That means fewer signs of irritation or premature aging! In the summer we get lots of Vitamin C from all the fruits and vegetables that are in season. We're also more likely to eat because it's perfect salad weather! In fall and winter, our intake of Vitamin C can slow, so it's important to make up the shortfall with fruit, juice, or supplements.

Some of the best sources of Vitamin C include:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Bell peppers
  • Berries (fresh or frozen!)
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes

5. Invest in a humidifier

woman sleeping with humidifier beside her

A humidifier is a device that increases the indoor humidity of dry or cold buildings. Humidifiers work in rooms with forced-air heating and cooling systems and with air-conditioning. It costs about $30 to buy a single room humidifier, and your skin will love you for it!

Increasing the humidity of the air helps control your skin's hydration. Just like bases will neutralize acids, dry air will try to "neutralize" with other surfaces by stealing moisture from your skin. Raising the humidity of the air means less moisture gets removed from your skin.

Final thoughts

Many people love the arrival of fall. Watching the leaves change color, enjoying the first pumpkin spice latte of the season... But it can be hard on your skin. By following these tips, you can hydrate and nourish throughout fall and beyond. This ensures you always have beautiful skin, whatever the season!

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