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Giving Back


Socioeconomic factors in the United States prevent women who lack resources from participating and progressing in the workforce, and funding dedicated to addressing this problem does not match the need. Currently, only 1.2% of philanthropic giving goes to women’s issues. On top of that, government funding for women is variable and fails to address their most basic needs.

Investing in women benefits all humanity, and our idea is to give back to nonprofits that support women’s issues, enabling more of them to reach economic independence.

We wanted to embed this mission into the core of our company, right from the beginning. That's why we have partnered with Pledge 1%, where 1% of the profit from each sale will go towards women’s issues. As a consultant, you have a say on how it’s spent.

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Every time you purchase a product, you are contributing to the 1% allocated for women’s organizations that need help. Moreover, if you’re a consultant and actively working with our organization, you will have a say as to how the funds are distributed! In this way we can ensure women’s organizations receive the funding necessary to empower and uplift.


We have chosen to work with Pledge 1% and major companies throughout the US who are also dedicated to the mission of giving back. This global movement aims to inspire, educate, and empower every entrepreneur, company, and employee, by providing companies the tools and frameworks necessary to be a force for good. Pledge 1% member companies are in total control of their programs and decide the causes and nonprofits they want o support based on their company’s interests.