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Series for Success: Tips for Building a Successful Direct Sales Business


So, you’re thinking about getting into direct sales. If you’ve done research, you’ve probably heard it all; the good, the bad, and the worse. Direct sales, which is selling products directly to consumers outside of a retail setting, is a legitimate business model and becoming a successful consultant is very possible. 

The sad fact is that most people who go into direct sales don’t make money. So what can you do to not become a statistic?

Love the product

This is easy. If you don’t love the product that you are selling, it’s not for you. Think about it- why would you want to promote something that you don’t like? Or something that you don’t feel will benefit other people? 

The best direct sales representatives are the ones who use what they are selling and they’re passionate about it! This also gives you personal experience, so you can give first hand advice to a customer who has questions. 


Let’s face it, we’ve all been hounded by consultants. You might have personal experience with someone that you haven’t spoken to in 20 years- suddenly they come out of the woodwork telling you about her new business. You’ve gotten dozens of these “hey girl” messages as well as unsolicited invites to social media groups. Knowing the difference between annoyance and persistence can make or break any direct sales professional.

So how can you be persistent without being over the top? You definitely want to communicate that you are a consultant- how else will people know?  And you want to encourage your friends to take a look. Again, loving the product you sell is the best way to get sales. 

Be relaxed, be yourself, and talk to people in the genuine manner you always have. Find relevant ways to work your product into conversations. If someone compliments you and that compliment has to do with your product, thank them and see it as an invitation to introduce what you do. This is called social selling! And it’s really easy if you believe in what you sell.

Find your target audience

This is a key marketing tactic when it comes to selling anything. Some people just aren’t going to be interested, no matter how much you talk about what you do (again, don’t annoy!). For example, if you’re selling makeup, you’re most likely not going to be trying to sell to men. 

When considering your product, think about what attracted YOU to it. Ultimately, you’ll want to find customers like yourself. In fact, most people who work in direct sales were customers themselves first. Find people like you, turn them into customers, and then present them with the business opportunity.

Narrow down what sets your product apart from others

What makes your product special? If you sell jewelry, why is this jewelry so much better than what a customer can buy from another MLM company, or even at the store down the road? A good direct sales company will have worked out all of this stuff for you in advance. Your upline can probably explain it to you and there’s a good chance that marketing materials already exist. 

The more important question is what sets YOU apart from other consultants? Why would someone buy from you? Sometimes it’s as simple as going the extra mile and providing a bit of extra customer service. A friendly text or a personalized newsletter can go a long way. Next time they’re ready to order, they’re more likely to remember you.

Remember your “why”

Okay. You probably got into direct sales to make money. Or maybe because you love a product so much that you wanted the discount. Awesome. But let’s dig a little deeper.

WHY do you want to make money? Did your family fall on hard times and you need to make ends meet? If that’s the case- talk about this, particularly if you’re successful! Maybe you got burnt out from a corporate job and decided to approach direct sales as a way to leave the rat race and run a business of your own. Or perhaps your family is okay financially, but you want a sense of independence because it brings you the feeling of accomplishment. 

There are so many people with a great WHY. Find yours. Remember it. And share it.

Follow up

It’s really important to keep yourself out there once the sale is closed. Follow up with your customers. Did your friend like the hand cream that she got? Maybe she loved it so much that she is interested in selling it herself.

What happens if you get a “no” from a friend? No doesn’t always mean NO, but rather “not right now.” Keep in touch with the person without pestering them. If your company has any free samples, don’t hesitate to offer them. Like we mentioned before, you never know when an opportunity might present itself, allowing you to do a little social selling. 

Email newsletters and social media groups are a great way to keep your name and your business in front of people. 

Don’t quit!

Give it some time. It’s not just direct sales consultants who have a track record for failing, it’s small business owners in general. But, direct sales people have an advantage because most of the time they have little to no overhead and they only employ themself. It takes time to build up clientele. If you aren’t leading a team of 10 people in a month, so what? Just keep doing what you’re doing and take advantage of the support that your company offers.

Remember, your direct sales company wants you to succeed and they likely have tools and people in place to help with that!

Try something new!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re at least considering venturing into direct sales, or maybe switching companies.

Now is a great time to join us at Qyral. We’re a newer skincare company and we’re doing something that no other direct sales company is doing… custom skincare. Because everything is custom blended for each person, you cannot keep inventory! We’ve also partnered with a network of board certified dermatologists who can prescribe ingredients that no other direct sales skincare company does right now! It’s a unique company in so many ways!

We provide you with a website and our experienced team will train you to be the best consultant you can be. Whether your WHY is to support your family, to pay for dance lessons, or just because you’re a beauty junkie, we can help you reach your goals.

To learn more about partnering with us, check out our website. We are excited and honored that you are considering joining our team!

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