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Skin Assessment Quiz (SAQ)

1. Do I have to take the Assessment to purchase Qyral’s products?

Yes. Your answers feed into our proprietary algorithm and are used to generate the most effective skincare for your skin’s unique needs. Don’t worry, the assessment is straightforward, simple, and strictly confidential. It should take less than a couple minutes to complete and is part of the product experience.

2. I completed the SAQ. Now what?

You can now select the products that are right for you, and purchase them! Once you’ve purchased your products, we get right to work finalizing your formulations. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll ship them straight to you. Voila!

3. I completed the SAQ, but I need to make a change! How can I do that?

Your feedback is what makes the magic happen! The accuracy of your answers affects the precision of your formulations, ensuring optimal results. Please email us at ASAP so that we can factor your new results into your formulations before shipment or prior to your next order.

4. Do I have to retake the SAQ every time I order? 

No, when any of the following — location, skin, or lifestyle — have changed, email This helps Qyral’s products evolve with you and continue to deliver powerful results. We’re currently working on our mobile app that will make this much easier!

5. I took the quiz once, but it’s still not letting me purchase the product, what do I do?

The quiz and website are designed to work on the same device. So in the off-chance you finished the quiz on your mobile phone, then opened up your computer and wanted to purchase the product, it will not work. You have to finish the quiz and purchase on the same device.


 Qyral Products

1. What is the 4-step regimen?

Your 4-step personalized regimen consists of:

Accelerate: Cellular Revitalizing Serum
Promote: BioPlacenta Invigorating Serum
Fortify: Nourishing BioPlacenta Moisturizer
Sustain: Cellular Health Supplement

2. Do I need to follow all 4 steps?

No, however, our regimen was created to work together as a complete system. Skipping one part of the regimen may affect the desired results. If you haven't gotten a chance, take a look at the Cellular Turnover Cycle and how each of our products fit into it, and how important the cycle is to having the best skin possible.

3. Can I travel with my Qyral bottles?

Absolutely! Our products are designed so you can safely take them with you on the go. All products are TSA compliant and can be packed into your carry-on. Here are the sizes of our liquid based products:
Accelerate: Cellular Revitalizing Serum: 30ml/1 fl oz.
Promote: BioPlacenta Invigorating Serum: 30ml/1 fl oz.
Fortify: Nourishing BioPlacenta Moisturizer : 50ml/1.7 fl oz.

4. What is inside my bottle?

Your personalized bottle contains active ingredients that have been meticulously formulated for you, based on your SAQ (Skin Assessment Quiz) score. Inactive ingredients have been selected to work well with our active ingredients. For a list of ingredients, please consult the product pamphlet which came with your bottle.

Qyral formulations have a pH of approximately 2.5-5.0 (although the pH varies by formulation and product). Our formulas are 100% cruelty-free, do not include harmful ingredients, and never tested on animals.

For a full list and description, please visit the Ingredients Page for a complete description, along with benefits and links to research.

5. How long do Qyral products last?

Your individualized products are designed for a 42-day (6 week) regimen. Each fresh shipment reflects the continual evolution of your products based on your skin and changes registered by our algorithm.

6. Are the ingredients in Qyral safe and pure?

Our primary concern is our products’ safety and efficacy. We strictly follow all FDA guidelines and consistently review ingredient information and testing data. For more information on product safety, visit the Personal Care Products Council website.

All of our formulations are free of dyes, phthalates, parabens, SLS, and formaldehyde.

For a full list and description, please visit the Ingredients Page for a complete description, along with benefits and links to research.

7. Are Qyral products vegan-friendly?

At Qyral, we do not state or claim that our products are suitable for vegans. Some of our products contain animal byproduct ingredients. For example, Qyral’s Sustain supplements contain collagen.

Confirming whether a product is suitable for vegans is not as straightforward as looking at the ingredient. Unfortunately, raw ingredient suppliers are not required to track the plant versus animal origin of excipients (helper ingredients).

At the present time, we are unable to certify, with absolute certainty, that there have been no animal-derived ingredients used at some point in the manufacturing process of the raw ingredients before they are purchased by Qyral. However, we can confirm that all ingredients used in Qyral products meet our stringent quality specifications according to the 6S quality process and legal regulations.

8. Are Qyral products safe for pregnant and nursing women?

Researchers purposefully avoid testing supplements on pregnant women, so there are no studies to tell us how treatments affect pregnant women. Available safety data comes from animal studies and women who have used anti-aging treatments while pregnant.

All of the ingredients in our Moisturizers and Serums are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to use.

Always consult a physician prior to using any of our products. If you have questions, feel free to email us at

9. Is it safe to use prescription grade acne products in conjunction with your regimen? 

It is generally safe to use Qyral products with other products. However, you should always consult your physician before taking or applying any new medications and/or products. If your skin feels irritated, we recommended that you stop using the Qyral Accelerate Serum. As your skin adjusts, you may be able to gradually reintroduce the product.

10. Are Qyral products FDA approved?

Qyral products are considered dietary supplements or cosmetics and as such, do not require premarket approval from the FDA. FDA premarket approval applies only to specific drugs and medical devices. However, all of our products are FDA-regulated and comply with all FDA requirements. We also follow stringent Good Manufacturing Practices. Our top priority is providing our customers with safe and effective products.

None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

11. Can I take Qyral supplements with my medication? 

All of the ingredients in Qyral’s supplements have a history of safe use in normal healthy adults. However, you should consult with your physician prior to use if you take medication or have a medical condition. No one other than your doctor is qualified to answer this question. Because we value our customers' wellbeing, we always recommend consulting with a physician if you have any questions about your own personal use of Qyral.

12. Is it safe to use Qyral’s products if you have had dermal fillers or BoNT-A (Botox) injections?

Our products are completely safe to use with dermal fillers and BoNT-A (Botox) injections. In fact, the ingredients in our serums and moisturizers extend and prolong visual wrinkle reduction more than injections alone. The various peptides in our formulations provide the essential nutritional support your skin needs to rejuvenate itself to a natural state of youthful balance.

13. Are Qyral’s skincare products non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging)? 

Your Skin Assessment Quiz (SAQ) determines the composition of your products. If your skin is acne-prone, then a regimen of non-comedogenic products will be personalized for your skin.

14. Is Qyral only for anti-aging? 

No! Qyral is for anyone who wants fabulous, glowing skin. Cellular turnover affects all aspects of your skin’s health. Whether your complaint is acne, melasma, or extra-dry skin, the Qyral regimen offers benefits to everyone.

15. Are Qyral products safe for all ages?

Yes, but using common sense is always smart. We recommend patch testing any of our skincare products. Serums and acids are designed for people aged 13 years and older. Children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women should consult their physician prior to using our products.

Ingredients in the Qyral Supplement have been tested on and deemed safe for individuals ranging from 18-70 years old. Of course, everyone's body is different. We cannot recommend the product for individuals under the age of 18, as it was tested on and intended for use by healthy individuals over the age of 18. As always, consult with your physician before taking any new supplements.

16. Do Qyral products contain SPF?

No. To keep your skin protected from the sun, we recommend using a daily sunscreen, moisturizer, or makeup with at least SPF 30 in addition to your Qyral regimen.

17. Does Qyral test on animals?

We love our furry little friends, and that’s why all of our products are 100% cruelty-free. Always.

18. Where are Qyral products made?

All Qyral skincare products are made in an FDA-approved, GMP-accredited laboratory in California. Our line of skincare products, including our R&D labs, are located in San Francisco and our supplements are manufactured in McDonough, Georgia but packaged, labeled, and distributed in Los Angeles, California.

19. Why isn’t my pump dispensing product? 

When using your product for the first time, you may need to "pump" slowly 10-15 times for the products to be dispensed. If you continue to have problems with the bottle, you can always email us at

20. Are all products personalized?

No, currently only the Accelerate and Fortify are personalized, as is the 4-step regimen as a whole. The Promote Bioplacenta Serum and Sustain Cellular Health Dietary Supplements are currently not personalized, but will be in the months to come. We will keep you updated on personalization of additional products.

21.  What if I’m dissatisfied with the products I receive?

We offer Free Refunds and Free Returns on all of our products. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, both for tweaking our algorithm and adjusting our formulations.

Moreover, we would be happy to reformulate your product at no additional cost anytime in the first 3 months to ensure you love your Qyral skin care regimen. Let us know what about your products isn’t working by emailing, and your skin consultant will adjust your regimen to make sure you get skin care you love! We’ll then send you the new formulation at no cost to you!

22. Can I purchase individual products after the first 6 weeks of purchasing the entire regimen?

If you have committed to purchasing the entire regimen the first 6 weeks and would like to switch to individual products thereafter, we are happy to assist you! Just send an email to and our skin consultant will email you a special link to purchase individual products from your custom formula regimen.

However, we strongly encourage using the full Qyral regimen of products to receive the full benefits of our formulations. Almost 80% people unknowingly combine conflicting skin care products. When certain ingredients and concentrations are used in combination with others, it can cancel out their effects, rendering your skincare less effective, useless, or worse – causing irritation and breakouts. By using Qyral’s entire regimen, you minimize conflicts and ensure your skincare is as effective as possible.

To learn more about why using all of our products together please take a look at the Cellular Turnover Page.


How to use

1. What is the recommended daily use?

Please refer to our Instruction Pages for each step and select your product for more information.  Links to these pages are also included in the QR Code on each bottle, so just point the camera to the QR code on the product and review the instructions.  


Placing My Order


1. How do I purchase Qyral’s products?

In addition to our website, Qyral’s regimens are primarily sold through skincare Consulting Partners who can help you navigate the website and guide you through the Skincare Assessment Quiz should you have any questions. Partners are there to provide one-on-one guidance. They have all of the knowledge and tools. You can purchase the products directly from your Partner, or, if you do not have a one, you can contact us to be matched, or purchase directly from our website.

2. Our 60 day money back Guarantee

If for any reason you are no longer satisfied with our product, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Just simply email and we will start the refund process.

3. Our Reformulation Guarantee 

Maybe the formula is not quite right, or you think something is missing. We stand behind everything that we do and will reformulate your personalized products twice within each 6-week product cycle. Our goal is a personalized product just for you the way you like it, so if something is wrong, please email us at and we’ll make it right.

4. How does the AutoShip Program work? 

AutoShip is a Subscription Program that delivers your skincare and supplement products automatically every 6 weeks. You can sign up for AutoShip during the checkout process, and you will receive both:

Free Shipping on that order, and all future orders.
10% Discount on that order and all future orders.

5. How much is my Qyral Skincare Regimen? 

The Qyral Skincare Regimen price can be found here, and is intended to last for 42 days (6 weeks) with recommended daily usage. Each set is formulated according to your SAQ score, which factors in your skin type, skin concerns, and lifestyle. Please contact us immediately at to update us on any changes to your lifestyle so that your regimen can continue to evolve as you change.

6. How do I calculate shipping costs, duties, and/or taxes? How quickly will I receive my order? 

Shipping costs and taxes are based on your state and local tax. Once you are ready to check out, this cost will be calculated and presented to you.

For all international orders, duties are country specific and will be handled by your local tax, government, and duty authority. Final checkout cost will only include product and shipping and you may be responsible for paying additional duties and taxes within your home country.

After you check out, we’ll need a few days to finalize your personalized formulations prior to shipment. Once shipped, you can expect your products to arrive within 5-7 business days, and 5-12 business days for all international orders. If you have any questions, or concerns with shipping, please contact our care team at

7. Do you ship Qyral products outside of the United States? 

Due to different countries’ rules and regulations when it comes to skincare, we currently only offer our products in the United States with a limited' international release. However we’re working on getting Qyral in the hands of everyone! Upon checkout, it will be determined whether we are able to ship to your country of residence. Please email us at if your country is not available and we will add you to our country specific list.

8. What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept all major Credit and Debit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  


Skin Concerns

1. I just started the Qyral regimen and my skin seems to be getting worse. What's causing this? 

If you have acne-prone skin and have just started using the Accelerate: Cellular Revitalizing Serum, you may see some initial breaking out of the skin. Dermatologists call this “purging.” Acids such as glycolic, lactic, and salicylic work partly by unclogging pores, which can mean an adjustment period for your skin. This is caused by the clearing out of pores, and skin cells being sloughed off, which causes temporary breakouts.

You might see anything from small, superficial bumps to deep, inflamed pimples. It usually happens 1-2 weeks after starting one of these ingredients, and it can last up to 6 weeks, but not to worry — once your skin adjusts, you should start seeing improvement and better skin! As this can take time, it's important to stay patient. If irritation continues, stop use and consult your doctor.

Always consult your doctor or dermatologist to be sure Qyral’s products are appropriate for your skin.

2. After applying the Accelerate: Cellular Revitalizing Serum, my skin feels tingly, and turned a bit red. Is this normal?

Cellular Turnover requires that you slough off layers of skin. We sometimes use high concentrations and low pH in our products to ensure effectiveness, so a little tingling is not a bad thing! When it comes to using a new product or ingredient, start slowly and let your skin adjust. Some options may be to use every other night, or leave on for a few minutes and wash off. Always consult your physician to be sure a product is right for you. If you notice that your skin is becoming extremely irritated, discontinue use and contact our care team at

3. My skin doesn’t seem to be improving. How long before I notice a change?

Skin is super complicated and of course, very individualized. While some may see results right away, it takes time and patience for most of us to start seeing results.

Sloughing off layers of skin is a progress that can take several weeks, if not months, and we can't judge how a person will respond until at least 8-10 weeks have passed (although most see improvement by weeks 3 or 4). Cellular Turnover is an ongoing process with gradual improvement (and some setbacks). Note that this improvement period varies greatly.

Some (but not all!) individuals have an adjustment period. Even after your skin has adjusted, it’s only after months of regular use (along with daily sunscreen) that you will see benefits.

There is, of course, a broad spectrum of results that may happen — from dramatic change within a few weeks, to very subtle change after a year. We’ve seen it all.

If it’s been 8-10 weeks without improvement, be sure to contact our care team at to make the necessary changes.



1. How does the AutoShip/Subscription Program work? 

At Qyral, we know that consistency is the key to achieving optimal skincare results. That's why our skincare regimens come with a year of access to a dermatologist and are sold in 6-week subscription packages instead of one-time purchases. We want you to benefit from consistency when it comes your prescribed treatment plan so that you can achieve healthy, beautiful skin over time!

Don't worry though – if life gets busy or plans change for whatever reason, there is always the option to “delay” shipments through text alerts without cancelling all together. 

2. Can I postpone my AutoShip Subscription?

Please keep in mind that in order for products to work effectively, they should be used continuously for at least 3 months. Since each product lasts 6 weeks, that means two product purchase cycles. If you are considering postponing please reach out to to discuss it with the team.  You will also receive a text message alert and email about 3-5 days before your next order will be placed, and you can use our texting service to delay that shipment if you would like. 

3. How do I cancel my AutoShip Subscription? - No worries, it’s hassle Free.

If you had our team re-formulate the products and you are still not satisfied and really want to cancel, it’s hassle free. Just log into your account and you could manage your subscriptions right in your account.  Should you have trouble with this, just email us and we will cancel any future AutoShip subscriptions, as long as you are within 1 business day of your new shipment being processed and before you are charged for the AutoShip Subscription. And since we are tirelessly trying to improve our formulas and products, we would value any feedback you have for us!

4. On what day, and how frequently am I billed? 

Billing takes place at time of purchase, and every 6 weeks thereafter. Billing will always take place prior to your products being shipped out.

5. What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept all major Credit and Debit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  

6. What is the return/reformulation policy?

We take your skincare personally, and want you to love your Qyral products.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, we will honor our 100% money back guarantee and commitment to offering Free Returns.

However, we would like to encourage a dialog with our team at in order to make sure we get your formulation right, and we will reformulate and re-ship a new regiment to you at no charge.



1. How often are products shipped out?

Products are meant to last 6 weeks, so if you signed up for the AutoShip Program shipments are sent out about a week prior, to allow for delivery time prior to products being finished.

2. How much is the shipping cost?

We have a flat-rate shipping fee of $9.99 for Domestic US shipments and $14.99 for International shipments. Please note that international shipments EXCLUDE duties and taxes, which must be paid in order for the receiving country to release the products for your use and consumption.
If you sign up for our AutoShip program, where you receive the products every 6 weeks, the shipping is Free, and you will receive a 10% discount on all AutoShip orders.

3. Will I be notified prior to my next shipment? 

Absolutely! We always send you an email prior to shipping your next shipment.

4. How do I postpone a shipment?

Want to wait before your next shipment? Not a problem! Email our care team at and we’ll adjust your shipment date.

5. I haven’t received my shipment yet. What should I do?

Check the shipping confirmation email that was sent to you with your tracking number. If you do not have that email, or if you still haven’t received your product, contact our care team at so that we can track your order!

6. Do you ship Qyral’s products outside of the United States?

Due to different countries’ rules and regulations for skincare, we currently only offer our products in the United States, with limited international options. However we’re working on getting Qyral to go global! Please email us at to be added to our mailing list if shipping to your country is not available on the checkout page.

7. Do you ship to PO boxes or Forwarding Addresses?

YES, when your address comes up with a PO box in the Address Line, we will use an alternative shipping carrier that will deliver to that address. E.g. FedEx and UPS do not deliver to PO Boxes, however, in this case we will use USPS.

8. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Most packages arrive within 2-7 business days, and 5-12 business days for all international orders. Domestic orders are shipped with a Ground service and International orders with an Air service.

9. My package arrived damaged. What should I do?

If your package arrived damaged, simply snap a picture and send it to our care team at We’ll make it right!

If we missed anything please email your question to!