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How to Moisturize Various Skin Types


Having healthy skin is extremely important to our wellbeing and self-confidence. Because it is so important, it’s necessary to keep your skin healthy and well moisturized. Since everyone’s skin is different and only so many products are available, it can be difficult to find exactly what moisturizer works for your precise skin type.

Facial Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin

If you have oily skin, it simply means that your oil secreting glands, or sebum glands, are overactive. This results in an overabundance of oil. Instead of moisturizing, sebum causes greasy looking skin, clogged pores, and can lead to breakouts.

For oily skin, it’s best to use water-based, light moisturizers. These can help reduce the amount of oil resting on the skin. They’re also made of smaller molecules that will sink into the skin better. This helps prevent the clogging of pores, and as a result, the formation of acne.

It’s also best to use natural moisturizers, rather than synthetic moisturizers. Products that have more chemicals can cause excess drying and irritation rather than promoting the healthy moisturization required.

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin

It can be difficult to find the best facial moisturizer for dry sensitive skin. If a product contains too many chemicals, especially harsh ones, it can cause extreme irritation. Other products may be too light, not providing the level of hydration that is needed for dry skin.

Rich lotions are the best facial moisturizers for dry sensitive skin. These thicker formulations provide a variety of moisturizing agents that can fully absorb into your skin and boost skin oil production to the optimal level.

Another option for people with dry skin is to use facial oils before moisturizing. Facial oils can provide essential vitamins and help protect the skin’s natural barrier as they mosturize on a deeper level. If you do use oils, serums or essences in your skincare routine, be sure you provide enough time between steps to allow products to absorb before moving on to the next one. At night, a rich moisturizer should be your last step. During the day, your moisturizing step should be followed by sunscreen.

Our Diverse Facial Moisturizers

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin

Here at Qyral, we strive to provide the best quality facial moisturizers on the market, whether they’re for people with dry, oily, combination or acne prone skin. Every person experiences a slightly different reaction to certain skincare ingredients, and different facial moisturizers will work differently for each person.

We personalize each facial moisturizer based on our personalized skin assessment which includes questions about some key genetic points, lifestyle and environmental factors. Once you’ve taken the quiz, we take these factors taken into account and use AI to help us formulate the best facial moisturizer for dry sensitive skin, as well as different ones for other skin types.

Our entire product line is centered around the concept of the cellular turnover cycle. The moisturizers feature naturally occurring peptides to help encourage the growth of new skin cells and improve the overall health of your skin.

Everyone’s skin is different and that’s something to celebrate! Here at Qyral, we’re committed to offering the best facial moisturizer for dry sensitive skin, oily, combination, and even acne prone skin. By taking the time to personalize your moisturizer, you can ensure your face will be as healthy and radiant as possible.

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