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The Longevity Drink


Do you want to live to be 100?

Of course there is never a guarantee, but giving yourself any sort of edge is always a plus.  That’s part of the reason we are always looking for hacks. Every little bit helps, right?

Qyral’s founder, Hanieh Sigari, had a grandfather who was a centenarian. He had a “magic” longevity tea that he swore helped him extend his life. What’s interesting is that there is a scientific basis for the ingredients in her grandpa’s special drink!

Crucial Anti Aging Ingredients

So what exactly are these ingredients that contribute to possible life extension and how has science shown that they may actually help? Let’s find out.


Turmeric is a well known supplement for inflammation.  It’s the spice that gives curry that deep golden yellow color.  It’s been used for centuries in India for medicinal purposes.  One of the most important compounds in turmeric is curcumin, which gives the spice powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antioxidant.

There are studies that show that curcumin can actually slow down the aging process! 

It may also increase lifespan by an average of 26 percent. Curcumin also has the pivotal role of the modulating and regulating of major signaling pathways that influence longevity of organisms.


Ginger is excellent for promoting longevity because it contains antioxidant compounds known as gingerols and shogaols. Ginger can reduce inflammaging, which is the low grade inflammation that increases as we age. It also has epigenetic effects and impacts mitochondrial functioning. Our mitochondria act as the powerplants to our cells; as we age, they lose efficiency and we produce more potentially dangerous free radicals. 


Although garlic is known to add a kick to our cooking (and give us bad breath) it actually has some amazing health benefits! It’s another natural anti-inflammatory and has been proven to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Garlic, particularly aged garlic, creates a gas called hydrogen sulfide which relaxes blood vessels. This allows more oxygen to travel to the body’s organs where it can lower high blood pressure and protect the body against cardiovascular disease. 

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. All chili peppers have anti-inflammatory properties due to natural compounds called capsaicinoids. A 2004 study in Cellular Biochemistry showed that capsaicin increased mitochondrial production by 50%!  


Lemon is a versatile citrus fruit. It’s used in everything from sweets like cakes or savory foods like buttery pasta. You can also find it in cleaning products because of its antimicrobial properties. Anything lemon scented just smells fresh and clean!  Consuming natural lemon is a great way to boost your immune system as it contains antioxidants.


We could do a whole series about the benefits of resveratrol. Resveratrol works by mimicking estrogen and this activates anti aging proteins called sirtuins, which have been shown to increase lifespan. It also exhibits anti-tumor properties and is being researched for potential uses to prevent and treat cancer. You can get resveratrol from a variety of foods, including grapes and red wine, but solubility and bioavailability can be a challenge, so quality is important!

Cordycep Mushrooms

Cordyceps are not just one type of mushroom; there are more than 400 species! There haven’t been a lot of human studies done, but some older people swear by cordyceps to reduce fatigue, boost strength, and help the libido. 

There have been plenty of studies done using mice. One study showed that mice who were given cordyceps lived several months longer than those who were given a placebo. These mushrooms may also have anti tumor effects, could help manage type 2 diabetes, and may even help protect the heart. 

Longevity Drink Recipe

Now that you know why the ingredients are important, it’s time for the actual recipe. Keep in mind that the quality of the ingredients is what makes the drink so powerful, so be sure to research the source before you purchase.

  • 1 Tbsp Tumeric Powder (fortified with 95% curcumin complex)

  • 1 tsp Ginger powder

  • 1 test Aged garlic powder

  • ⅓ tsp Cayenne pepper

  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice

  • ⅓ tsp resveratrol

  • ⅓ tsp cordycep mushrooms

Simply add the ingredients to a cup of hot water and enjoy!

Unfortunately you can’t live forever (yet) but living longer and making sure those years are healthy and happy is what it’s all about. Even if Grandpa’s longevity drink doesn’t take you to 100 years old, you’ll know that you are giving your cells a little extra support that they might not have gotten otherwise.

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