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What Kind of Products Should Men Use for Their Face?


Did you know that face products are not just for women?

Men’s skin may be a little different from women's, but they still need to care for their skin like women do. The best face products for men are the ones that are specifically designed for guys. Just like women, a man’s skin ages, gets acne breakouts, gets oily, and even sheds.

What do you need to know about finding the right products? Read on to find out.

What Are Some of The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Skin?

Best Face Products for Men

One of the visible differences in skin between genders is that men can grow beards and mustaches. Having hair on the face does give men an advantage when it comes to skincare products. Shaving cream can be an exfoliant if used properly. It helps to keep a man’s face more youthful.

But why do guys have hair on their faces? The reason can be linked to  testosterone, which is an androgen hormone. Testosterone can increase the thickness of men’s skin compared to women.

There is also a distinct difference in the feeling of the skin. Sebum is an oily wax substance produced by the body. It coats, moisturizes and protects the skin. Although both males and females excrete this oil, men tend to produce more of it, creating an oilier skin, and making them more prone to longer lasting acne.

Men also have higher collagen density than women, which can help with the signs of aging. However, men tend not to use sunscreen or other UV protective products when in the sun, and this causes a faster sign of aging.

What Are the Best Face Products for Men? 

  • Moisturizer: Human skin has microscopic fungi and bacteria living on it. These organisms are part of a microbiome that creates a protective barrier on the skin. The best face products for men have moisturizer and also have vitamins and minerals to enhance the beneficial aspects of the microbiome.
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells. This allows new skin cells to grow. Dead skin will also block pores and when combined with oil, it can lead to breakouts. Men’s skincare products should work to exfoliate the dead skin cells and help keep it healthy and clear.
  • Anti-Aging: We all age, but there are ways to slow the appearance of aging. Products that have anti-aging properties are available for men just as they are for women. These specialized ingredients can help keep your skin tight and firm and even smooth out wrinkles.

How Do I Find the Best Face Products for Men?

Best Face Products for Men

Each and every person is different, regardless of their gender. The best face products for men should not be cookie cutter products made for everyone. Every product you use on your face should be unique to you and your skin. Using our skin assessment quiz we can help you find the right products. QYRAL has a full line of skincare products with ingredients customized for your exact skin type.

We’ve made it easy for you. No more going from website to website or a variety of stores to find the best face products for men. The skin assessment questionnaire on our website asks the right questions to ensure that you get professional advice on what products will work for your skin. To start the questionnaire and begin shopping for your personalized care routine, click here.

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