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SUN: Friend or Foe?


Some things just can’t be ignored. Unlike the dirty dishes sitting in your sink,  the sun is unavoidable, which is probably a good thing because the sun plays an integral role in strengthening our minds and bodies. 

However, we also experience negative effects from having too much fun in the sun. Ultimately, is the sun our friend? Would they comment on our Instagram account or block our DMs?

The Sun: The Good

Despite the downsides of overexposure to the sun, the right amount of sunlight might be just what you need. For example, there are many different ways to promote mental well-being and one suggestion is to bask in some sun rays.  In places like Los Angeles, they’re lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine for beach days. Other climates have to search for sunlight past constant gray skies (we’re looking at you Seattle) but no matter where you are in the world, sunshine is essential to your health. 

Exposing yourself to sunlight actually releases endorphins and serotonin, otherwise known as the happy chemicals. A study on “The effect of sunlight exposure on cognitive function among depressed and non-depressed participants,”  found a direct correlation between how much sunlight we get and our cognitive function, meaning our interpretation of knowledge, information, and reasoning. They concluded that lower levels of sunlight are associated with an impaired cognitive status. Sunlight does not just affect the bright and dark moments of your day but your thoughts as well.

We saw the mental benefits of sunlight, but what about cellular? At Qyral we’re all about breaking down cause and effect at the cellular level, and sunlight is no exception. Besides supplements, the only way to receive vitamin D is from UV exposure. Nathaniel Mead stated in his study, “Benefits of Sunlight,” that “for most white people, a half-hour in the summer sun in a bathing suit can initiate the release of 50,000 IU (1.25 mg) vitamin D into the circulation within 24 hours of exposure; this same amount of exposure yields 20,000–30,000 IU in tanned individuals and 8,000–10,000 IU in dark-skinned people.” Vitamin D provides many benefits, especially aiding in calcium absorption, which is vital to maintaining strong, healthy bones, and muscles.

The Sun: The Not-So-Good

We know that benefits come with costs. Even though the sun provides light into our lives, overexposure can create serious problems. “You don’t even have to be sunburned for sun damage to occur,” says Qyral founder Hanieh Sigari. “This is a result of UV exposure and is what happens when UV photons are absorbed by a cell’s DNA, causing it to break or mutate.” 

Longer exposure also puts you at a higher risk of skin cancer. According to, “one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70”. UV light is carcinogenic, and it is important to take precautions when sunning yourself.

The sun can also leave lasting physical effects like wrinkles, dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and a tough, leathery surface on our skin. It is important to protect yourself and wear sunscreen with an SPF higher than 15 when you are out in the sun for longer than 15 minutes. This includes reapplying every hour, especially if you take a dip in the pool or ocean. You can also wear protective clothing that will block out UV rays.

Antioxidants have been shown to be effective at preventing sun damage. While the best way to prevent serious UV damage to your skin is still to stay out of the sun, using antioxidant skincare products can help alleviate the symptoms of sun damage, encourage the growth of new cells, and help sun-damaged skin appear younger and healthier. That’s why Qyral’s products are packed full of antioxidants to protect your skin.

Working with the Good

With 130 different ingredients, we made sure Qyral’s formulas include components that support your growth and lifestyle. In our Accelerate Cellular Revitalizing Serum, we use a variety of ingredients to stimulate your skin to create new cells.  This leads to firmer and more resilient skin that can protect you from UV light damange. Accelerate also repairs structural damage caused by UV rays and free radicals and stimulates the production of proteins. Those proteins strengthen the barriers that hold in moisture and improve skin elasticity. 

Then in the second step in our regimen, the Promote BioPlacenta Invigorating Serum provides vital vitamins to nourish skin and combat wrinkles, allergies, and UV light.

At Qyral, we want you to enjoy the sun and benefit from its healthy effects without suffering the downsides that come from overexposure. That’s why our products are designed to combat free radicals and reduce the appearance of photodamage on the skin. Our personalized skincare solutions adapt to your lifestyle, providing more support when your skin needs it so you can enjoy the sun and still protect yourself at a cellular level.

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